"It’s so simple even my 7 year old can do it"


Harper’s Bazaar

"Hi, I’m Lynne Goldberg from Breethe (formerly OMG. I Can Meditate) And I wanted to talk to you about how I got in to meditation today, and just give you [...]

New York Magazine

"The reasons why meditation can help you with your desire for success is that when we’re in that state that we’re frantic and our minds are really busy, it’s really [...]


Breethe (formerly OMG. I Can Meditate) Seriously, though! Created by meditation coach Lynne Goldberg, Breethe is free, and has a variety of programs you can subscribe to. With specialty programs [...]

Refinery 29

"Refinery29 Wellness: We’re really excited because Lynne is the founder of Breethe (formerly OMG. I Can Meditate)… So how did you get in to Breethe? LG: So I started off [...]

The Warm Up

"Meditate Lynne Goldberg, meditation coach and co-founder of the Breethe (formerly OMG. I Can Meditate), recommends meditating to rid your brain of vacation fogginess. “For an easy transition from vacation [...]


"If you have been struggling to lose weight, it might be in your mind as much as it is in your waistline. According to meditation coach Lynne Goldberg, excessive eating [...]

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