“Refinery29 Wellness: We’re really excited because Lynne is the founder of Breethe (formerly OMG. I Can Meditate)… So how did you get in to Breethe?

LG: So I started off meditation 20-something years ago actually, before it was popular. And my mom had been diagnosed with colon cancer, and her doctor actually recommended that she try meditation. At the same time that she was going through that, I was going through infertility and so everyone just kept saying, “If you just relax, you’ll get pregnant.” And I thought, “Okay, I might as well try that.” So meditation has been a big part of my life, and for the longest time I’ve been looking at a way to share it with as many people as we could. And I was teaching in schools and people kept asking me, and so this is a product of love.”