“Hi, I’m Lynne Goldberg from Breethe (formerly OMG. I Can Meditate) And I wanted to talk to you about how I got in to meditation today, and just give you some tips on how you can also start developing your own practice.

So, I got in to meditation really just on fluke. I was not a natural meditator at all. My mom had been diagnosed with colon cancer, stage four, and her doctor had said that meditation might be useful for her. At the same time that she was going through all of her treatments and everything else, she started to meditate, and I was going through infertility treatments. Everybody of course just kept saying, you know, “If you just relax, you’ll get pregnant.” And there’s nothing more that you want to do than throttle people as you’re in the middle of all this stuff, you know, telling you to relax. But it was really effective for me, so I would go to treatments and I would have my headphones on and I would be listening to meditations.

I started off more as an emergency meditator. I had this crazy career, I was type A, business woman, super stressed, young kids, running all over the place. And I would wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding or that crazed, “Oh my God, how am I going to get all of this stuff that I need to get done, done.” And I would meditate and I would feel better. But I didn’t really have a full practice. And as my life continued to get more and more stressed and fall apart, I ended up realizing that the thing that made me feel better was meditating. So I started reading about it and studying about it, I became a teacher and it completely changed my life.”