“Have you been struggling to lose weight and to fight off your cravings? Sometimes we get so busy, we don’t even think about what we’re putting in our bodies, which can often lead to weight gain. “”Trying to lose weight can be very difficult in this frenetic world we live in,”” said meditation coach Lynne Goldberg.

We recently asked Lynne about the importance of meditation for weight loss — we learned about how getting your brain on board with your weight-loss goals takes a bit more attention than just saying “”I want to lose weight.”” But don’t worry, it’s easy to get started! And even better news: you can overcome your food struggles. Here’s how…

Using a specific eating or weight-loss program within an app or guided meditation can help you get started as well. Lynne’s app, Breethe (formerly OMG. I Can Meditate), has a specific eating meditation. In this case, Lynne’s voice and words will coach you through your practice and help set you up for success.”