“If you have been struggling to lose weight, it might be in your mind as much as it is in your waistline. According to meditation coach Lynne Goldberg, excessive eating often has nothing to do with hunger — it’s entirely mental.

“”Perhaps we are triggered unconsciously by the smell of delicious cinnamon buns while we walk through the mall,”” said Lynne. “”Often, we eat when we are stressed, or sad.”” Boredom and other emotional factors can be and often are culprits when it comes to the urge to eat.

So you’re thinking, “”Sure, I’m eating for reasons beyond hunger, but how do I actually stop it??”” As you may have guessed, it starts with your brain, and gaining control over your mind and emotions comes from mindfulness and meditation.

“”Mindfulness helps us to be truly present with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as we eat,”” said Lynne. Start practicing meditation at the beginning of the day to clear your thoughts; you can download a meditation app if you need help getting started.”

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